The great Norwegian black metal band SARKOM are getting ready to release their 4th studio album “Anti Cosmic Art”, and today you can hear the first song published from the upcoming album. We give you  “MIND ABSCESS“:

“Mind-abscess”, features a guitar interlude performed by three separate guitarists.  The first guitar part is performed by Thrawn, the second by  SHINING’s Peter Huss, and the third by Galaaen.

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As well as Peter Huss, the seven-track album also features guest appearances from ALFAHANNE’s Pehr Skjoldhammer, and guitar virtuosos Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT, ROQUEFIRE) and  former SARKOM member Sagstad (TROLLFEST).

The album will be released on Dark Essence Records December 2nd.,

Tracklisting for “Anti-Cosmic Art” is as follows:

  1. Previous associates, now as targets for the gun
  2. Mind-abscess
  3. Ruiners of our family tree
  4. Seen through the eyes of a paedophile priest
  5. Come, dear cancer
  6. Black metal necrophilia
  7. Sodomy and lust (Sodom cover)


To  mark the release of “Anti-Cosmic Art” SARKOM will play the following two Norwegian dates:

There are no upcoming events.