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Ragnarok is one of Norways great black metal giants.  Formed in Sarpsborg back in 1994, the band has been a constant force, releasing albums and touring the world since their debut Nattferd in 1995. Lyrics are inspired by Norse mythology, satanism and negative forces and the dark side of the human mind!

Ragnarok is a great intriguing live band, and one of the most aggressive acts in the genre. There has been many changes in the lineup through the years, incl. famous personalities such as Shagrath (Dimmu Borgir) and Hoest (Taake), but now, original member and former drummer, Jontho, are doing the vocals and fronting the band himself.

New album Psychopathology on Agonia Records. 

Jontho – vocals
Bolverk – guitar

Malignant – drums

Nattferd (1995)
Arising Realm (1997)
Diabolical Age (2000)
In Nomine Satanas (2002)
Blackdoor Miracle (2004)
Collectors of the King (2010)
Malediction (2012)
Psychopathology (2016)


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RAGNAROK @ Kaltenbach Open Air

Start date: 24th August 2017

End date: 26th August 2017

Location: Stelemark, Austria