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Gehenna wp
From the early part of Norways black metal scene, Gehenna are still going strong currently working on their new album. In April 2017 they will be touring Europe to perform new material, next to a selection of songs from their legendary album “First Spell” (1994) AND “WW” (2005).

Sarkom wp

As very special guests, we give you Norwegian black metal band Sarkom. They have been going strong since 2003 and released the 4th album “Anti-Cosmic Art” in December 2016.
You can listen to their new single from the album “Anti-Cosmic Art” here.

As suppport for this tour, we present a brand new band from Stockholm Sweden. AVSLUT recently released an EP of crushing black metal and their debut album is set to be released in 2017.


Tour period: 14 April – 23 April 2017
Total travelparty: 18 pax in nightliner
Demand: Fee – Best offer net of tax + riders fullfilled. House sound/light techs needed.

If you are interested in booking this package to your venue/festival, please contact:  yngve@agentbolt.no