AGENT:BOLT will be representing Blastfest and Norway in the debate called “The art of festival production!” next week at Inferno Metalfestival 2016 in Oslo.

Presentet by MØST and hosted by Anders Odden (Cadaver, Satyricon, Celtic Frost, Order)

IMC posts:
“Festivals are an important financial partner in the new music industry. This is where bands get their best fees and play for the biggest audiences. We want to discuss the role of the festivals in todays music business. Is the festivals the new record company? Do they have too much power? How do you get them to book your band? Lets find out.”

Panel concists of: Jeppe Nissen – Copenhell, Petra Edström – House of Metal, Gisli Sigmundsson – Eistnaflug and Yngve Christiansen – Blastfest.

Event on facebook.